5 Tips for Pool Organization

5 Tips for Pool Organization

Keeping your house and pool organized can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be!


Summer is coming to an end which means the kids are back in school and a weekly schedule is soon approaching! Keeping your outdoor space organized is just as important as the space inside your house. By learning some tricks on how to keep these spaces clean, you’ll be able to conquer any week thrown at you.


Storage Storage Storage

Storage is everything! Investing in a large storage container will make your life a hundred times easier. Items like wooden racks can be great for drying wet towels and bathing suits.

Keep it Close

It’s important to keep those easy cleaning supplies close to your backyard if an accident happens. Having a swiffer or mop in your backyard closet or close to the door, will save you the trip from having to run inside in case of an emergency.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to get creative with storing your pool toys and rafts! Standing up racks, vertical storage, and seat containers are all great ideas if you have a smaller backyard. The key is to work within the space you already have, no one wants to build a whole separate area for all your rafts, toys, and towels.

Be Smart

If you’ve ever hosted a pool party or have small children, then you know how wet your house can become with guests coming in and out. By putting down a rug and making a dry path to the bathroom, you’ll yourself some cleaning later.

Mind your Drawers

Having containers outside by your pool can save you a lot of room and organization. By storing outside items like sunscreen, towels, or pool toys outside, it keeps your home clean as well.


We hope these tips help you keep your home and backyard clean! Happy swimming!



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