Backyard on a Budget

Backyard on a Budget

Finding inspiration with a limited budget can be challenging but we’re here to change your perspective. By getting creative with what you already have, you can still have the backyard you’ve always dreamed about.


Identify Your Focus

It’s time to identify what you want! The first step into creating your dream backyard on a budget, is narrowing down what’s important to you. Is it important that you have a lot of seating for parties and entertainment? How about having a cozy nook where you can spend time enjoying the fresh air? Whatever it may be, finding those significant things will help you decide where it’s worth spending your money and where you can save it.

Once you’ve found what’s important to you, it’s time to decide where you want the center of attention. What we mean is: where is the place you’ll spend most of your time? What areas in your backyard do you want to draw attention to and away from? Adding mirrors, vertical gardens, and vine walls are all great things you can add to bring variety to your backyard.

This backyard is a perfect example of how creative you can be! Our client wanted her pool to feel enclosed and private, so they added some matching curtains around their screen. A perfect DIY idea!


Simplify It

You can do it! Simplifying your backyard space can seem intimating but there’s an easy way to get past all the anxiety. Start by choosing one area or item to clean and/or decorate. By starting with one category, it becomes less stressful and more fun! Then, you can recognize what you truly what your space to look and feel like. The best part about starting slow is how you can take something and use it for someone completely different than its original intent.

Photo via @nataschajanina  

Click here for some ideas about how to use your items are various purposes!


Refurbish, Don’t Replace

Trying to throw away that old rug that you’ll never use!? Not so fast! Refurbishing your older items instead of replacing them can save you some real cash. Try cleaning and cutting that rug into throw pillowcases that you could use on your outside patio! Inventing new ways to use the items you already have can be a lot of fun and a great way to figure out your own style and taste. Once you’re able to learn about what you like and what you want, the functionality of your space becomes a lot easier to create.


Check out our Pinterest page for some awesome DIY hacks for your backyard space!

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Now it’s your turn! We’re excited to see what you’re able to create with your backyard space! Comment below what your best backyard decorating advice would be!

Happy swimming!


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