When is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool?

When is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool?

Deciding when to build your swimming pool can be a huge decision.

Weather, location, and construction are all factors that go into the timeline of building a swimming pool. By better understanding what can affect the timeline of your swimming pool process, you can have a better pool construction experience.


Florida Pool Building

If you call the sunshine state your home, then you’re lucky enough to have mostly clear skies! Building a pool in Florida has its perks because snow and below freezing temperatures are not very common. Although sunny clear skies are normal in Florida so is a heavy amount of rain. Summer seasons have an average index of 4“of rain per week. Rain can affect the process of your pool because it’s extremely challenging to complete the phases of work that need to be done while there’s heavy water in your backyard.


If you’re looking to build a pool and you live in Florida, winter and fall are the best time to start building! Most of us tend to believe that starting your pool process after the holidays is best to have your pool ready in time for summer, although that is not the case. Most customers tend to start their pool process after the holidays, but it’s best to start before! Starting before the holidays, around August or September, will give you more time in case any complications happen with your project. At Legacy Pools, we value your reason for building a pool, so timeline is important to us when meeting and scheduling with out clients.


Whatever season you decide to build your pool in, you should expect that weather to have an impact on your pool building process. Although, it helps to choose an excellent pool company to provide quality work for your backyard.


What season would you suggest to build a swimming pool in?

Comment below! Happy swimming!

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