How to Make Your Backyard Look Bigger

How to Make Your Backyard Look Bigger

Have you ever watched HGTV or seen your DREAM outdoor living space brought to life in an expansive extravagant backyard and thought it could never be yours? What if we told you any size backyard could become the outdoor living space of your dreams? Here are some tops on how to transform a small area into a space of grandeur.


Build Up When You Can’t Build Out

Growing a small space is all about optical illusions, so if you can’t build out why not build up!? Adding tall shrubbery or a tall fence or anything that draws the eye upward will trick the mind into thinking the space around you is much vaster than it may actually be. The sky truly is the limit with this trick!


Focus Your Eyes

Focus! When your eyes are fixed on something beautiful you forget to focus on the amount of space you do or do not have around you. Creating an intimate yet eye catching area like pictured can make a big difference. Creating areas you want to be in or look at and never get tired of is what enjoying your living space is all about.


Mirror Image

Mirrors are a simple way to grow a space! They continue your view without needing to acquire any more land. With a creative, durable frame your mirror will draw and fool the eye. Remember anything  in your outdoor space will take some wear and tear. Be sure to choose materials that can handle the weather that may come its way.


Light it Up 

Decorative lighting can draw the eye higher. It’s a part of the “build up when you can’t build out” mentality. What makes lighting stand out is the ability to light up dark places. When the corners of your space are lit up it grows what the eye can see and expands every inch!


The real trick here is learning how to set up optical illusions, distract the eye and put your focus on beautiful things that make you forget about the amount of space you feel you may lack. It’s not about the size of your backyard, but the width of your imagination! We believe in you!

Was this article helpful?? Do you yourself have ways you’ve expanded your backyard?? Leave us a comment, share a picture with us! Happy swimming! 

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