How To Decorate Your Pool and Patio for the Holidays

How To Decorate Your Pool and Patio for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and many residents of Brevard County are getting into the holiday spirit by decorating. This festive time of year calls for wreaths, lights, and festive décor. Of course, if you’re decorating the inside of your home, you can’t forget your outdoor areas! Many people overlook these areas while decorating, focusing mostly on the living room, dining room, and outdoor lights. Add cheer and increase your entertaining space by decorating your patio. To get you started we have some easy decorating tips to help you get your screen room ready for the holidays!


Lighting is Key

Now that the Florida weather is finally cooling off, being out on your porch or patio is much more pleasant. Spend a little time making it even more inviting by stringing light strands around the inside of your screen enclosure to give it a cozy glow. Apple spice and pine scented candles also provide attractive lighting and will make your patio smell great.


Create an Inviting Ambiance

You and your guests will enjoy spending time in your patio area much more if it has comfortable furniture. Consider adding plush, festive pillows and cushions to make your chairs more inviting. Have a couple light blankets handy too so you can enjoy the fresh outdoor air on chilly nights. Adding a bright outdoor rug can also create a homey feel, and a rug is much nicer to walk on than concrete or tile. Make sure it is resistant to water and mold since patios are subject to rain and moisture. Don’t forget to place decorative trees around your patio!

Get Crafty

There are tons of fun DIY projects that will turn your patio into a festive hideaway; homemade decorations can also cost much less than buying decorations from a store. Wreaths, painted signs, mason jar candle holders…the list of DIY holiday decorating ideas is endless. And did you know just how many great decorations you can make with a pool noodle!?! If you have kids, crafting homemade decorations can be even more enjoyable. What a great way to make memories spending time with your children while getting into the holiday spirit!


The most important part of the holidays is spending time with the people in your life. Create memories in your outdoor living spaces. We hope these tips give you some ideas on how to go about decorating your outdoor spaces this holiday season.

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