What Is The Ideal Pool Temperature: The Heated Debate

What Is The Ideal Pool Temperature: The Heated Debate

After weeks of construction, your pool is finally ready to enjoy. It’s “fall” here in Florida – a term used very loosely to those of us that have lived in the north. We know there is nothing more refreshing than jumping into the pool on a hot summer day, but we do we do in the fall and winter.

Water temperature is one of the most debated topics, after your pool is ready to use, in both the pool world and in your very own home. Even in Florida, you will need to heat your swimming pool, at least some of the time, to keep it at your perfect temperature. Ideally, you want it cool enough to be refreshing but not so cold that you are reluctant to get in.

What Is the Perfect Temperature?

Pool water temperatures typically run between 78 and 82 degrees. Any cooler than 78 and you will feel chilled when you exit the pool. Any warmer than 82 and the pool will feel like bath water. A average temperature of 80 degrees is generally warm enough that children and senior citizens enjoy it, but cool enough to make for an invigorating dip.

Of course, you should keep in mind that each degree the temperature rises results in increased energy costs of 10 to 30 percent. So the right temperature for your pool water is a function of how it feels on your skin and how it feels on your wallet.

Keeping Pool Temperature Costs Down

There are steps you can take to keep your pool warm while keeping your costs down:

  • Install hedges, fencing, and other features that keep wind from blowing through the pool area.
  • If your pool heater is more than five years old, consider investing in a new heater. In some cases, these units quickly pay for themselves in lower utility bills.
  • If you tend to use your pool only on weekends, lower the temperature setting by 8 to 10 degrees during the week.
  • If you are going on vacation, turn off your pool heater. We don’t have to worry about freezing conditions here.
  • Install a timer that can automate and optimize your temperature settings.
  • Run your pool’s filtration system between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m., when electricity demand and rates tend to be lower.

Find Your Perfect Temperature

It may take a little time to find the right balance of comfortable water temperature and cost-effective operation. That temperature will change with the seasons. With a little effort, you can find your perfect temperature setting. Remember that it is always best to consult your pool builder with any questions to see what might be best for your specific pool.

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