Pool Service Made Easy

Pool Service Made Easy

Pool service can be complicated but let us make it easy for you.


Whether you’ve been a pool owner for a decade or you’re just starting out, pool maintenance is vital to the life of your pool! Some questions may have entered your mind such as: How often do I need to clean my pool? What should I do if my pool turns green? What supplies should I be using to clean my pool?

Good news! We’ve got some helpful advice to make your life easier! We’ve listed some of the main reasons servicing your pool is so important.


Knowing Your Pool 

Before understanding the best ways to keep your pool clean, you’ll want to get to know your pool. The water type, interior wall, pool filters, pool jets, and pH balance are all great basics to know about your pool.

For example, understanding difference in salt water versus chlorine is very helpful in taking care of your pool. Salt water pools are usually more expensive at the onset but easier to care for while chlorine pools are less expensive but higher maintenance.

Understanding the basic parts of your pool can help save you time and money in the long run!


Whether you service your pool on your own or hire us to help you, safety is a number one concern! By keeping your pool clean the correct way, you can avoid having bacteria, debris, or algae attack your pool. Harmful bacteria can form in your pool if you’re not taking the appropriate steps to keep your pool safe. By keeping your pool safe, you can minimize health risks, avoid unwanted algae, and enjoy memories with your family for years to come!



This is the most important aspect of servicing your pool. We want to make sure your pool’s life is a long and healthy one. With that being said, caring for your pool is so important to the longevity of your pool’s life. A lack of maintenance on your pool can cause you to spend more time and money than otherwise needed. Replacing parts, harmful bacteria, and overall pool damage are all risks when you aren’t taking care of your pool correctly. We recommend working with a professional to extend the life of your pool. When you see a difference in your pools color, smell, or consistency, we advise you call a professional to help you identify the problem. We offer maintenance services by the very best here at Legacy Pools, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


Keeping your pool’s maintenance in check is so important for many reasons. At Legacy, we see the value in clean pools because we know in return you’ll be able to make memories with you family and leave a Legacy that will be remembered. Was this blog helpful? Leave us a comment about any pool maintenance questions or concerns, we would love to help! Happy swimming! 



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