How To Spend Your Thanksgiving Poolside

How To Spend Your Thanksgiving Poolside

Thanksgiving is an incredible time to be with family and with friends. Our goal at Legacy Pools is to create a beautiful outdoor living space so that you can enjoy the holidays (or any season!) with your friends and family for years to come. As Thanksgiving approaches, here are some  fun ways to decorate and incorporate your swimming pool in your family holiday!


Don’t let your Thanksgiving Day feast be limited to your kitchen! Bring it outside. From the turkey to desert you can grill nearly the entire menu. This will allow you to be present with the entire family as they play in the swimming pool! The links below contain some of our favorite ways to grill your Thanksgiving Day menu! Check out the pumpkin pie recipe. YES. Grilled pumpkin pie!








It seems like nearly everyone’s skipping the fall decor and heading right into the Christmas decor, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’re here to help you bridge that “fall isn’t even over yet people” gap. First step – bring that table outside. Yes. The long one that can fit everyone you love. It’s worth it. When it comes to your table decor don’t let yourself be limited to color! Look at this beautiful table setting with oranges AND blues. Perfect gap bridging decor if we do say so ourselves! With a beautiful table pool side, some incredible twinkle lights to set a sweet mood all that’s left is your pool. How do you fall up your pool? FOAM. Have you ever seen those cute little foam leaves & pumpkins at your local craft store? They’re cute! Throw a few to float in your pool and you’ve got a simple yet festive fall themed pool. It can even be turned into an interactive decor! Have each guest write their name on a leaf or pumpkin and toss it in the pool. Later it can be a game for those who know how to swim. Gather everyone in the deep end and the first person to find their leaf wins a prize! Or bragging rights. Whichever you prefer!


Extra last-minute decor and cute party favors for your Thanksgiving day.
Check out the homemade slice of pie boxes!

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