Hot Pool Trend Alert! Adding Fire Features To Your Pool

Do Fire and Water Mix? 

You bet they do!

When it comes to the beauty and coziness of your pool area, forget everything you’ve heard about fire and water not mixing. When they do, you get one of the most stunning features you can add to your pool and patio area. And talk about options?! The ideas are limitless



Fire Pits

Fire pits are currently one of the most popular fire options for the patio area. Prices range from the teens to the hundreds, making them the most versatile and inexpensive option for many. They range in materials from brick to concrete and come in all shapes and sizes. Most fire pits are wood burning, but gas and propane are also great options. Are you a DIYer? Make your own fire pit!



This cozy take on your outdoor fire space incorporates a traditional feeling in a nontraditional setting. A fireplace can stand alone as a statement piece in your landscaping or be incorporated into your pool and patio area. Bring warmth and indoor living to your outdoor space!

Fire Walls and Bowls

Fire walls and bowls are the latest trends in fire/water features. Illuminate the night sky with the beautiful spires of flames from these fire features. Did you know that your fire wall and/or bowl can also be a water fountain? Combine the tranquil sounds of flowing water with the brilliance of fire.


With the addition of a fire feature, your pool and patio area take on a breathtaking and warm ambiance all year round. Who knows – those winter months may become your favorite time of the year!


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