Pool Service Made Easy

Pool Service Made Easy

Pool service can be complicated but let us make it easy for you.


Whether you’ve been a pool owner for a decade or you’re just starting out, pool maintenance is vital to the life of your pool! Some questions may have entered your mind such as: How often do I need to clean my pool? What should I do if my pool turns green? What supplies should I be using to clean my pool?

Good news! We’ve got some helpful advice to make your life easier! We’ve listed some of the main reasons servicing your pool is so important.


Knowing Your Pool 

Before understanding the best ways to keep your pool clean, you’ll want to get to know your pool. The water type, interior wall, pool filters, pool jets, and pH balance are all great basics to know about your pool.

For example, understanding difference in salt water versus chlorine is very helpful in taking care of your pool. Salt water pools are usually more expensive at the onset but easier to care for while chlorine pools are less expensive but higher maintenance.

Understanding the basic parts of your pool can help save you time and money in the long run!


Whether you service your pool on your own or hire us to help you, safety is a number one concern! By keeping your pool clean the correct way, you can avoid having bacteria, debris, or algae attack your pool. Harmful bacteria can form in your pool if you’re not taking the appropriate steps to keep your pool safe. By keeping your pool safe, you can minimize health risks, avoid unwanted algae, and enjoy memories with your family for years to come!



This is the most important aspect of servicing your pool. We want to make sure your pool’s life is a long and healthy one. With that being said, caring for your pool is so important to the longevity of your pool’s life. A lack of maintenance on your pool can cause you to spend more time and money than otherwise needed. Replacing parts, harmful bacteria, and overall pool damage are all risks when you aren’t taking care of your pool correctly. We recommend working with a professional to extend the life of your pool. When you see a difference in your pools color, smell, or consistency, we advise you call a professional to help you identify the problem. We offer maintenance services by the very best here at Legacy Pools, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


Keeping your pool’s maintenance in check is so important for many reasons. At Legacy, we see the value in clean pools because we know in return you’ll be able to make memories with you family and leave a Legacy that will be remembered. Was this blog helpful? Leave us a comment about any pool maintenance questions or concerns, we would love to help! Happy swimming! 




Planning the Perfect Pool Party

Planning the Perfect Pool Party

So, your brand-new pool was just installed, now what?

It’s time to enjoy! There’s no better way to celebrate your new pool than by inviting some friends over and throwing a pool party! Here’s a couple of steps to help you get started!


As we all know, preparing for any type of party can be stressful and overwhelming if you’re not prepared well. Be sure to write down some of the basics such as the number of people you’ll have, how much food you’ll need, and when the party is going to take place. We encourage you to write a list of everything you’ll need for the party then divide and conquer! Remember, the more you’re able to plan and prepare, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your own party.

Creating a Space

Understanding how you want your space to look for your party is the most exciting part! Here is your chance to be as creative or laid back as you want. Depending on when your party is taking place, extending lights or seating areas can always make your home feel more  inviting. Be inspired to create a space that others will love and feel at home.



The great thing about hosting a pool party is your main event is already ready to go! Your pool! You can also help set the tone of your party by investing in some fun floaties or light up pool lights! Corn hole, spike ball, or a good old fashion game of pool volleyball are also other ways to keep your guests entertained. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use ordinary items as creative décor, like using pool floaties for coolers!

All in all, a pool party should be a celebration of your brand-new swimming pool! It’s all about the memories you’ll make with the people that you love.

What is the most exciting part about having a new pool to you? Leave a comment and let us know, happy swimming!



How to Make Your Backyard Look Bigger

How to Make Your Backyard Look Bigger

Have you ever watched HGTV or seen your DREAM outdoor living space brought to life in an expansive extravagant backyard and thought it could never be yours? What if we told you any size backyard could become the outdoor living space of your dreams? Here are some tops on how to transform a small area into a space of grandeur.


Build Up When You Can’t Build Out

Growing a small space is all about optical illusions, so if you can’t build out why not build up!? Adding tall shrubbery or a tall fence or anything that draws the eye upward will trick the mind into thinking the space around you is much vaster than it may actually be. The sky truly is the limit with this trick!


Focus Your Eyes

Focus! When your eyes are fixed on something beautiful you forget to focus on the amount of space you do or do not have around you. Creating an intimate yet eye catching area like pictured can make a big difference. Creating areas you want to be in or look at and never get tired of is what enjoying your living space is all about.


Mirror Image

Mirrors are a simple way to grow a space! They continue your view without needing to acquire any more land. With a creative, durable frame your mirror will draw and fool the eye. Remember anything  in your outdoor space will take some wear and tear. Be sure to choose materials that can handle the weather that may come its way.


Light it Up 

Decorative lighting can draw the eye higher. It’s a part of the “build up when you can’t build out” mentality. What makes lighting stand out is the ability to light up dark places. When the corners of your space are lit up it grows what the eye can see and expands every inch!


The real trick here is learning how to set up optical illusions, distract the eye and put your focus on beautiful things that make you forget about the amount of space you feel you may lack. It’s not about the size of your backyard, but the width of your imagination! We believe in you!

Was this article helpful?? Do you yourself have ways you’ve expanded your backyard?? Leave us a comment, share a picture with us! Happy swimming! 


Simple Steps to Ditch the Holiday Stress

Simple Steps to Ditch the Holiday Stress

The holiday season is so jam-packed with things to do that it is easy to allow the season of blessings to become the season of stress and anxiety. According to a Healthline survey, a whopping 62% of people say their stress levels increase during the holiday season. Let’s face it: everyone wants us to participate in some seasonal gathering, our wallets are stretched to the limits, and company staying over is enough to test anyone’s limit. But does it have to be that way? No! Here are some great ways to beat the stress before the stress beats you.


Plan a Momentary Escape

Escape for a few minutes of relaxation. Make a DIY anti-stress mask and relax in a hot Epsom salt and lavender essential oil bath. Sometimes all you really need to destress is to close the door to all the chaos and just breath for a few minutes. Soothing your skin and body will relax your mind and soul as well.

Plan Warm and Fuzzy Moments

Plan a night to turn off the cell phone and the porch light. Put on your favorite PJs and cozy socks. Grab a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate and your favorite blanket. Curl up on the sofa with a seasonal classic movie and just laugh, cry, and relax – depending on the movie!

Keep Generic Last-Minute Gifts on Hand

My mom always said to plan for the unexpected. Chances are high that you will need a last-minute gift for unannounced guests or unexpected gift exchanges. Pick up several locally made jams and jellies from your favorite farmers market. Grab a seasonal ribbon and boom – you have a last-minute gift. You can also grab some beautifully wrapped homemade soaps and bath bombs, for a grab and go gift. Some of my personal favorite gifts: Birdie’s Pimento Cheese from my hometown and my homemade Apple Butter.

Keep Lists

Make a to do list. I tend to use Post It notes and during the holiday season you will find them everywhere – in my car, on the bathroom mirror, and in my planner. Write it down when you think of it. Keeping your calendar and your goals in sight will help reduce your stress level because you know the what, when, where, and what I still need to get of it all.

Take Time to Reflect

Pause in front of the tree and remember why the season is one of love and peace – even though it doesn’t always feel like it. Remind yourself that the holidays are about being close to your loved ones. It’s not about the gifts, it’s about the moments.

Embrace the Chaos

Reality: It’s the holiday season and guess what – it is a very short season! There is no way to completely avoid stress during the holidays, but recognizing that it only lasts for a couple of weeks a year will help make it more manageable.  Accept that you will be a little more tired than normal or your house might be a little messier than you like it. And that is OK! Enjoy the time you have with your loved ones and absorb the amazing memories you are making. Worry about the rest later! No one will remember that dust bunny in the corner or even the gift that you got them. They will remember the laughter and the embraces.

Happy swimming!


Hot Pool Trend Alert! Adding Fire Features To Your Pool

Do Fire and Water Mix? 

You bet they do!

When it comes to the beauty and coziness of your pool area, forget everything you’ve heard about fire and water not mixing. When they do, you get one of the most stunning features you can add to your pool and patio area. And talk about options?! The ideas are limitless



Fire Pits

Fire pits are currently one of the most popular fire options for the patio area. Prices range from the teens to the hundreds, making them the most versatile and inexpensive option for many. They range in materials from brick to concrete and come in all shapes and sizes. Most fire pits are wood burning, but gas and propane are also great options. Are you a DIYer? Make your own fire pit!



This cozy take on your outdoor fire space incorporates a traditional feeling in a nontraditional setting. A fireplace can stand alone as a statement piece in your landscaping or be incorporated into your pool and patio area. Bring warmth and indoor living to your outdoor space!

Fire Walls and Bowls

Fire walls and bowls are the latest trends in fire/water features. Illuminate the night sky with the beautiful spires of flames from these fire features. Did you know that your fire wall and/or bowl can also be a water fountain? Combine the tranquil sounds of flowing water with the brilliance of fire.


With the addition of a fire feature, your pool and patio area take on a breathtaking and warm ambiance all year round. Who knows – those winter months may become your favorite time of the year!



The Stinky Truth About Chlorine

The Stinky Truth About Chlorine

In a world where chlorine is given a bad name we’re here to reinvent its reputation. Let’s look at some chlorine “facts” you may have been told your whole life and why they’re in fact… false.


This is a great place to start! Chlorine isn’t bad for you. It’s in the water you drink, shower in, cook with, etc. Chlorine itself is safe to use. It’s when the chemical balance in your pool gets thrown off that your pool water can become harmful to you. Chemistry. It’s very important to understand your pool’s chemistry.



It’s no secret that there is something in pool water that can turn hair green, but it’s not chlorine. It’s copper. When copper mixes with other materials (like chlorine) it turns green and clings to the hair. Another unfair widely known myth about chlorine.



Wrong again. Contaminants in pool water is what irritates your eyes and causes them to turn red. Contaminants like urine or other foreign substances that mess with your pool’s ph balance & shouldn’t come in contact with your eyes are what irritate them not the chlorine.



Even though it rhymes doesn’t make it right. The stronger the chlorine smells the more contaminants (like we learned about above) are mixed in your pool’s water. That will make you want to skip the gym pool that smells of chlorine and head home to where you control the pH!


While chlorine isn’t the culprit the most important thing you can do is push aside blaming the chemicals and make sure you’re keeping up with your pH balance to avoid all of these frustrations.

Has this been helpful for you? Have any questions? Let us know!


How To Decorate Your Pool and Patio for the Holidays

How To Decorate Your Pool and Patio for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and many residents of Brevard County are getting into the holiday spirit by decorating. This festive time of year calls for wreaths, lights, and festive décor. Of course, if you’re decorating the inside of your home, you can’t forget your outdoor areas! Many people overlook these areas while decorating, focusing mostly on the living room, dining room, and outdoor lights. Add cheer and increase your entertaining space by decorating your patio. To get you started we have some easy decorating tips to help you get your screen room ready for the holidays!


Lighting is Key

Now that the Florida weather is finally cooling off, being out on your porch or patio is much more pleasant. Spend a little time making it even more inviting by stringing light strands around the inside of your screen enclosure to give it a cozy glow. Apple spice and pine scented candles also provide attractive lighting and will make your patio smell great.


Create an Inviting Ambiance

You and your guests will enjoy spending time in your patio area much more if it has comfortable furniture. Consider adding plush, festive pillows and cushions to make your chairs more inviting. Have a couple light blankets handy too so you can enjoy the fresh outdoor air on chilly nights. Adding a bright outdoor rug can also create a homey feel, and a rug is much nicer to walk on than concrete or tile. Make sure it is resistant to water and mold since patios are subject to rain and moisture. Don’t forget to place decorative trees around your patio!

Get Crafty

There are tons of fun DIY projects that will turn your patio into a festive hideaway; homemade decorations can also cost much less than buying decorations from a store. Wreaths, painted signs, mason jar candle holders…the list of DIY holiday decorating ideas is endless. And did you know just how many great decorations you can make with a pool noodle!?! If you have kids, crafting homemade decorations can be even more enjoyable. What a great way to make memories spending time with your children while getting into the holiday spirit!


The most important part of the holidays is spending time with the people in your life. Create memories in your outdoor living spaces. We hope these tips give you some ideas on how to go about decorating your outdoor spaces this holiday season.


How To Spend Your Thanksgiving Poolside

How To Spend Your Thanksgiving Poolside

Thanksgiving is an incredible time to be with family and with friends. Our goal at Legacy Pools is to create a beautiful outdoor living space so that you can enjoy the holidays (or any season!) with your friends and family for years to come. As Thanksgiving approaches, here are some  fun ways to decorate and incorporate your swimming pool in your family holiday!


Don’t let your Thanksgiving Day feast be limited to your kitchen! Bring it outside. From the turkey to desert you can grill nearly the entire menu. This will allow you to be present with the entire family as they play in the swimming pool! The links below contain some of our favorite ways to grill your Thanksgiving Day menu! Check out the pumpkin pie recipe. YES. Grilled pumpkin pie!








It seems like nearly everyone’s skipping the fall decor and heading right into the Christmas decor, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’re here to help you bridge that “fall isn’t even over yet people” gap. First step – bring that table outside. Yes. The long one that can fit everyone you love. It’s worth it. When it comes to your table decor don’t let yourself be limited to color! Look at this beautiful table setting with oranges AND blues. Perfect gap bridging decor if we do say so ourselves! With a beautiful table pool side, some incredible twinkle lights to set a sweet mood all that’s left is your pool. How do you fall up your pool? FOAM. Have you ever seen those cute little foam leaves & pumpkins at your local craft store? They’re cute! Throw a few to float in your pool and you’ve got a simple yet festive fall themed pool. It can even be turned into an interactive decor! Have each guest write their name on a leaf or pumpkin and toss it in the pool. Later it can be a game for those who know how to swim. Gather everyone in the deep end and the first person to find their leaf wins a prize! Or bragging rights. Whichever you prefer!


Extra last-minute decor and cute party favors for your Thanksgiving day.
Check out the homemade slice of pie boxes!


Creating Memories In Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Creating Memories In Your Backyard Swimming Pool

One of the top reasons our customers say they want a pool is so they can encourage family time and create memories. Many people think this is swimming only or the traditional pool games. There are so many great ways to utilize your pool and patio space all year – especially during the holiday seasons.

Hot Chocolate and Movies

What do you get when you mix a pool float, comfy patio furniture, hot chocolate, and a holiday movie? Memories! Plan a movie night with your favorite holiday movie. Consider new classics such as Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, or The Polar Express. What about old classics such as Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, or A Christmas Story? Grab your favorite hot chocolate, your favorite bathing suit, and your pool float for a movie marathon.


Plan a Themed Dinner Party

Take advantage of the beautiful weather we have here in Brevard County during the holiday season. I spend more time on the internet than I should, but I stumbled across this great idea for a Holly and Ivy dinner party. You could have so much fun with this and who says you have to invite 20 people over? This dinner party could just be for your family. Plan a special night that you all get dressed up and have a special dinner together. This cranberry chicken recipe would be a great meal idea for the Holly and Ivy themed decorations. I love Christmas punch – don’t tell anyone my secret, I make it all year!


Go Camping

Grab your tent, your smores, and your bathing suit! Camp beneath the stars next to the relaxing sounds of the waterfall flowing in your pool. A great way to spend a Saturday night – by the lantern, reading a story with the kids, and munching on smores. No fire? No problem! We’ve got a solution for that. Float in the pool and count the stars before snuggling up for the night in your sleeping bag listening to the crickets.


Make memories! You are only limited by your imagination.


Lose Weight With This Simple 20 Minute Pool Workout

Lose Weight With This Simple 20 Minute Pool Workout

The best land exercises can be brought to life in the pool too! Taking your workout off land not only makes it more fun, but it makes it better on your body as well for ALL ages. Here is a practical 30-minute pool work out that will help strengthen and stretch your muscles.

Before we dive in (literally) – did you know that exercising in a pool burns more calories!? It also helps your muscles recover faster, helps your body recover from injury, increases range of motion and flexibility. Plus, it’s cool & calm so let’s go!


(*note* make sure you stay hydrated! Even though you’ll be submerged in water it’s still very important to stay hydrated.)

What you will need:
Pool noodle

JOG IN PLACE (2 minutes)
In waist deep water. Keep your knees high.

SQUAT JUMP (30 seconds)
In waist deep water squat down with arms extended at shoulder height; jump as high as possible while raising arms overhead.

JOG IN PLACE (2 minutes)
In waist deep water. Keep your knees high.

OUTER THIGH LIFT (30 seconds each leg)
Stand with left side near wall, feet together, holding edge with left hand. Lift right leg out to side. (repeat with other side)

JOG IN PLACE (2 minutes)
In waist deep water. Keep your knees high.

CANNON BALL (30 seconds)
Float in deep water with pool noodle wrapped around upper back and under arms, hands on either end. Extend legs toward pool bottom, feet together, toes pointed. Engage abs and raise knees toward chest (as shown). Hold for two seconds, then straighten legs for one rep.

JOG IN PLACE (2 minutes)
In waist deep water. Keep your knees high.

PLANKS (60 seconds)

With pool noodle submerged under water lean forward into it in a plank position with your feet still on the pool floor extend your arms straight towards the pool floor.

JOG IN PLACE (2 minutes)
In waist deep water. Keep your knees high.


Easy. Fun. Grab a friend and try it out or put your favorite song on and get some you time in!
Let me know how you like this workout!
Are there target areas or other workouts you’d like to know how to do in the pool!?
Share below.