Benefits of The Ultra Clear Cleaning System

The game has changed for swimming pool cleaning systems. There has never been a more efficient cleaning system than The UltraClear cleaning system. The UltraClear is a powerful combination of ozone and UV light. It gives you the clearest and healthiest pool water attainable, and it reduces chemical usage by up to 80%. Paramount’s Ultra UV and ClearO3 units work individually and built specifically to perform at the highest efficiency and effectiveness compared to the competitors’ combo single units that combine both ozone and UV sanitization process utilizing a single lamp. 

Other benefits to using the UltraClear system also include simple and easy maintenance, more use out of our chlorine, more powerful hydroxyl radicals, and it is very versatile to configure to fit your needs. The ClearO3 injects ozone before the pump for better mixing of ozone and water to breakdown oils and ammonias. This allows for the chlorine to be more effective so you use less. It also extends the life of the pool filter. Lastly, another benefit of installing the Ultra UV “downstream” from the ClearO3 increases the formation of Hydroxyl Radicals, powerful oxidizers to keep your pool clean, clear and healthy. 

You haven’t experienced a clean pool until you have experienced the powerful combination of ozone and UV water treatment. All Paramount products are made in America and designed to make your pool experience the most carefree and enjoyable experience possible. Their cleaning and circulation systems will deliver superior results, while paying for themselves over the lifetime of the pool. 


Getting Back to a New Normal

A New Normal

    During this season we have had to adjust our lives tremendously. We are now finally starting to see things settle. And yes with COVID-19 somewhat leveling out, that means businesses will start to open back up. As a society we have to learn how to get back to normal. But after such a dramatic and intense few months during our global pandemic, how do we get back ton normal? In short, we don’t. We now need to get use to the “New Normal” this is something we can all do collectively to stay safe and positive in this season.

    Mostly everyone has come out of this pandemic with a different perspective on their life. Whether that is we’ve realized we hate being trapped at home, or even that we have too much junk in our houses to go through even with working from home for over a month. I believe everyone will come back to work, school, church, etc. with a different outlook than they had previously. We realize how valuable these little things in life we take for granted are. Obviously not everyone will fully commit to a change going forward, but it would be a healthy and inspiring path if they would.

    Finding a New Normal consists on many aspects. Obviously we still have to remain clean and cautious until COVID-19 is completely finished, or there is a verified vaccine. This still could be awhile do the road, so we have to be responsible with our hygiene and our social distancing. An important thing to key on is respected others. We all want to get out to the beach, a restaurant, a small vaca, etc. But as were shifting back to our daily routine we must be cautious to continue to practice social distancing as well as treating all the workers who are back at work with the upmost respect. Anyone working during this time of opening back up is going to be somewhat over worked or stress. There is no need to get upset or be negative about any situation. Stay positive and keep a grateful and happy heart! Other than day-to-day operations, I believe this pandemic has put things in perspective for our government and society as a whole. We now realize we need to be taking care of ourself and make our own resources. This is going to be huge for our Economy. As we move forward as a state, country, world, we must work together to rebuild and work toward our New Normal.

Here are some safety tips for remaining safe during COVID-19


COVID-19 Pool Safety

Proper Pool Maintenance Keeps Swimming Pools Safe

During this time of a global pandemic, the majority of people around the world are practicing social distancing. Having a swimming pool makes social distancing much more pleasant. Being able to sit out and relax by the pool, giving the kids something to keep them busy, and overall just fun times right there in your backyard during quarantine.

The Florida Swimming Pool Association states “that while staying at home during the current pandemic, it is a great time to enjoy swimming pools and hot tubs.” As long as the guidelines of social distancing with less than 10 people, being in a pool or hot tub is deemed safe. The Center of Disease Control says “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.x., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Regularly scheduled maintenance and upkeep is recommended. Just be sure to clean and sanitize pool equipment such as: doors, decks, ladder rails, cleaning net, pump/light switch, toys, etc.

If you are an existing or future swimming pool owner, here are a few more tips that you can follow:

  • Keep up your pool sanitation, test the pool chemistry on a weekly basis, and balance your chemicals accordingly (pay special attention to your pH levels).
  • Keep anyone who is sick or feeling unwell out of the pool.
  • If you have several people in your pool or spa, make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended user load for your pool size (about one person per three linear feet).
  • Wash all pool towels in hot water and sanitize poolside and in-pool furniture.
  • Wash the pool deck with chlorinated water, especially in any areas where puddles form.
  • Try supplemental sanitizers, like an ozone or UV system, to help eliminate the presence of viruses from the water.


Building a Swimming Pool in 2020

Building a Swimming Pool in 2020

Welcome to 2020! Where self driving cars can and are already possible. 😉 

We’re taking a look back at the last decade to see how far we’ve come in the pool industry and what we’re looking forward to. 



The pool industry is ever evolving and changing much like every avenue in our world today. We’ve evolved from standard rectangular pools to custom designed and built. Letting families have more say over creating their backyard experience. Prices of in-ground swimming pools have also risen but so has quality. There’s been an increase in the quality of materials being used in Florida swimming pools. Technology has also helped push forward the pool industry. Controlling your lights, water & fire features, and grotto’s have been transferred to your phone for easy access. Products like easy touch technology makes it seamless to turn on your features from anywhere, including heaters as well. 

Moving Forward

Believe it or not 2020 is the best time to buy your dream swimming pool. With more choices and variety in products and companies than ever, you have many opportunities to build the backyard you’ve been dreaming about. An added value can be attributed to social media, with more transparent reviews and communication, you are able to see behind the scenes of the company you’re buying from. 2020 is a year full of possibilities and opportunities to make a great investment in your home. 


What are you looking forward to in 2020?? Comment below and let us know!


Prepping Your Pool and Spa for the Holidays

Prepping Your Pool and Spa for the Holidays

We all know the Holidays are approaching much faster than we think! Ditch the stress and plan now so you can truly enjoy this time of year.

Dye Your Pool Color

A fun idea to make your swimming pool more “festive” is to dye your pool a fun color for Christmas! Be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing to double check it won’t hurt your pool’s chemical balance or stain your tile/interior finish. The one we’ve linked in this article is completely safe for your swimming pool and spa. There’s also SpaBomb Aromatherapy available for a night of relaxation (ya know after the holidays are over ?)!

Create a Scent Experience

There’s nothing worse than having your pool smell funky when your guests arrive for the holidays. By adding some candles by your pool or purchasing a pool refresh fragrance, your pool can be smelling great!

Prepping Before Leaving

If you’re not having guests over and planning to leave for the Holidays, don’t forget about your swimming pool! If you take care of your pool yourself, make a check list of everything you need to check before you leave. Adding water, balancing your chemical levels, and brushing your tile are all great things to check off before you leave. If you have Legacy Service or another company take care of your swimming pool, be sure to tell them when you’ll be out of town so you can keep up with your swimming pool through maintenance reports while you’re gone!

Provide Comfort and Warmth

Depending where you live, you might want to think about checking your fire features and investing in some blankets and pillows. The best thing about living in Florida is being able to enjoy your swimming pool and backyard area, even in the colder months. If you have a heater in your swimming pool, remember to turn it on hours before your guests arrive! It’ll be ready to go for them when they arrive.

Light the Way

Most swimming pools have LED lights that change colors in your swimming pool so if you don’t want to dye your pool a different color then remember to turn those on!

Keep it Fun

Depending on your Holiday traditions, remember to keep it fun! By playing ‘elf on the shelf’ or hiding a present around the house, you can make your holiday’s stay fresh and memorable.


What are you most excited about for the Holidays?? Comment below and let us know.


The Best Way To Spend Your Thanksgiving

The Best Way to Spend Your Thanksgiving

It’s almost time for turkey day! Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with your family or friends, there’s cooking and planning that always needs to be done! Check out these quick tips to making your 2019 Thanksgiving memorable ?


Thanksgiving Poolside

If you’re a pool owner, there’s no better way to spend Thanksgiving than right by your pool. Pull up some chairs, bring out the fall décor, and you have yourself the best (and easiest ?) Thanksgiving there ever was! Dressing up your backyard for Thanksgiving can provide a whole new Thanksgiving tradition for your family.

Fire Elements

If you have a fireplace or fire element in your backyard, don’t forget to turn it on and make it the focus of your Thanksgiving feast! Fire features create a cozy environment that will help your guests feel right at home. You can also buy lanterns or candles to light by your swimming pool.

Inflatable Turkey

If you’re looking for something unique to add to your pool, try an inflatable turkey! Your family will get a kick out of the festive fun. Speaking of turkey’s, try grilling your turkey by the pool for a new flavor for your family.

Try Some New Recipes

Have you ever made a sweet potato casserole!? Well now is your chance to shake it up this Thanksgiving! By adding a new dish or eating by the pool, your holiday can be more meaningful.

Keep the Kids Busy

Worried about the kid’s attention spans? Try having a fun Thanksgiving themed craft on hand to keep the kids busy. If you have the advantage of living in Florida, it might still be hot enough to have them go for a swim as well!



Signs Your Pool Pump Needs Repair or Replacement

Signs Your Pool Pump Needs Repair or Replacement

Fall is here and winter is coming, is your swimming pool ready? As it starts to get cooler, you’ll want to start checking your pool equipment to make sure it’s ready for winter as well. Depending on how long you’ve had your swimming pool, depends on the repair and replacement of your pool pump. Here’s the best info to confirm your swimming pool pump is up to date!

Common Equipment Issues

Most repairs and replacements have to do with your pool pump. Your pool pump works hard to keep your pool water clean, warm, and hygienic. Some pool pumps have automatic controls, and some can be self-repaired if you know the problem that is occurring. If you’re not sure how to troubleshoot a pool equipment issue, call a professional to come take a look.


Dehydration pump – Pumps should be run with enough water and when they are not is when dehydration occurs.

Short circuit – A short circuit happens when there is a presence of liquid or fluid (like water) inside the motor’s windings. This can cause the motor to burn out if running for a long amount of time. If there is any liquid inside the motor, it can cause the motor to burn out. If this happens, you might have to replace the whole thing. It’s best to stay safe than be sorry later, trying to fix a pump that should be replaced can be dangerous.

Overheated motor – This situation is similar to your moto short-circuiting

Wear & Tear – If you notice any strange noises or abnormal functioning, it might mean your equipment is time for an update! Depending on the type of equipment running and how long it’s been installed depends when you’ll need a new

Continuous Repairs

If any of your pool equipment keeps breaking down, it needs to be replaced. If you can repair it, do it but don’t try to repair it when you know it needs to be replaced, you’ll end up spending more money than just getting it replaced the first time.

Signs It Needs Repair

  • If bearings are the only problem, a repair is needed. These are easy to replace and should not be a lot in cost
  • If the shaft seal also has to be replaced, you can repair your bearing and seal at the same time
  • If the cost of the repair is minimal

Signs It Needs Replacement

  • The motor has passed its expected life when it faces series trouble
  • If your pool equipment has been repaired a few times already
  • If you are completely unsatisfied with your current pool pump’s performance

Looking to replace your pool equipment? Give us a call for a free quote, 321.775.3621.


Kitchen Features to Transform Your Cookout Experience

Kitchen Features to Transform Your Cookout Experience

Fall has finally arrived! Bring on the pumpkin spice latte’s, fall decor, and the nice sunny Florida weather 😉


Whether you’re someone that loves to cook or loves to eat, there’s no better way to spend this season than grilling in your own backyard. Hosting a cookout is the best way to bring friends and family together and enjoy this season. The number one thing you’ll need to host a great cookout is the best outdoor kitchen features! Check these great features out to upgrade your cookout experience.



Finding the best inspiration for your outdoor kitchen is always the first step! Brainstorming what is important to you and what you’re looking for will help you decide what you want your outdoor space to look like. Here’s a couple ideas on what your outdoor space could look like:

  • All in one grill center
  • Full bar set-up
  • Seating area with dining room table
  • Gazebo
  • Fireplace
  • Wash station
  • Lighting

Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are a great way to entertain anyone who visits your home! While they are a high price feature, you won’t regret it once you taste that homemade cheesy goodness. This feature adds a simple elegance that no other backyard feature can offer you.


Full Bar Center

If you’re really looking to upgrade your outdoor experience, then a full bar is a great way! There’s a variety of different ways you can build an outdoor bar center depending on how your backyard is laid out. Whether you have a small or large backyard, installing a full bar is possible! Click here to learn more!

Designing your outdoor kitchen space can be a lot of fun! Comment a photo of your backyard kitchen space and let us know what you best features are!


Legacy Goes Pink

Legacy Goes Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are STOKED to be partnering with Driven by Heart.


For the whole month of October, a portion of our sales will be donated to help support women in our community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. As a company, many of us have experienced a loved one or a friend that has been diagnosed with breast cancer, so this cause is very dear to our hearts. About 12% of U.S women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. In 2019, it’s estimated that about 30% of newly diagnosed cancers in women will be breast cancer. As this disease continues to take the lives of many women, we continue to fight and support those women who have diagnosed.  What we love about Driven by Heart is the support they provide to women who have been diagnosed. Their organization is focused on making sure no woman goes through breast cancer alone. Monthly meetings, constant support, resources, and educational materials make Driven by Heart an organization on mission to help fight breast cancer.


We hope you’ll join us in supporting the women in our community that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. If you’re interested in spreading awareness, donating, or learning more you can visit to get involved.


More about Driven by Heart

Driven by Heart was created in 2009 by two breast cancer survivors has supported more than 2,000 Brevard County Women. Their mission is to ensure that no woman goes through breast cancer alone. They are a nonprofit organization sustained through special events, donations, and items sold in their online marketplace. Every event and resource they provide is for the women they support. By providing monthly meetings, one-on-one support, and educational materials, they are able to support the Brevard Country area with help.



The Perfect Pool Inspiration

The Perfect Pool Inspiration

We all know we’re guilty of scrolling for hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect home décor…no shame!  We’ve complied the best places to go to make your home look Pinterest perfect ?


Get Creative

Creating the perfect backyard oasis can be difficult, especially when there always seems to be so many different styles out there. The key to looking for great pieces for your backyard is to keep it simple.

First, you’ll need to decide what you “need” in your backyard. I say “need” because we all know what we “want”. ?  What are your must haves? What type of furniture are you looking for? Are you looking for more seating or room for entertaining? Start with your main features and work from there. Once you have a foundation of what you want your area to look like, your home will come together before you know it.



TIP: Peep that table/storage bin on the left, looking for furniture and features that have multiple purposes is like hitting the décor jackpot!


Affordable Home Décor

Once you’ve decided what time of style you’re looking for, you can start to hunt for the right price! A lot of patio and backyard furniture can be expensive if you don’t look in the right places. One of the best tricks is to download a coupon app like Honey, that helps find coupons on your favorite brands. Just download Honey to any desktop and it will automatically run coupons before you check out. BOOM! Instantly saving you money.


Backyard Inspiration

We do know where you can find all your backyard inspo in one place! Visit our Backyard Inspo board on Pinterest to keep up with the best backyard and pool inspiration you’d ever need to look for.


Inspo Inspo Inspo

We want to know what inspires you! Is it Pinterest? Your friend’s backyard?

Comment below where you go for you backyard inspiration!