We went to several pool companies when we decided to purchase. Chad was the most responsive of all the pool companies we had quote. You WILL have questions and CONCERNS he was always there to clarify and to help us understand. We went all over the Space Coast as well as Orlando. Chad went above and beyond to make this huge purchase a positive experience. He was always available whether, it was text, email, or a late night phone call. A pool install is a huge construction process, and it was so nice to have communication thru the entire process. Best of Luck, Kim & Joe Kitt
I’m difficult when it comes to design. I know this, anyone who knows me knows this. I’m a designer by trade (kitchen and bath), and have strong opinions as to how things should feel, flow, complement style and lines of the home and space, yet keep in mind the overall vision for my clients. We started this pool design process early, assuming it would take several companies and numerous revisions to narrow down the feel that we wanted, but quite honestly had no idea how to execute. Sounds like fun for a pool designer, right? I contacted Chad and his company first because I liked the feel of his company and overall sense of attention to detail he displayed on his Facebook ads...thinking this would be a good start to our pool journey, ultimately having us in good position to start the project early next year as planned once we’d gone through the process with a few talented designers. Chad and his team arrived for our appointment, I explained what we were thinking for basic overall criteria in a random, borderline non-sensical way...having someone conflicting ideas as to what I was thinking, what my wife was thinking, and what would actually work for our home. Chad and team listened, took notes, offered some light ideas as far as textures and materials, took some basic measurements and scheduled a return design consult over the next few days. After a reschedule at my request, we met about a week later. What greeted me when they opened their laptop and made their preliminary design presentation had one glaring flaw...this was going to be way too freakin easy. They BLEW my doors off with the FIRST CONCEPT. It looked nothing like what I had in my head (primarily because what I had in my head didn’t make any sense)...yet perfectly incorporated every request and idea we had into the most thoughtful, beautiful, functional space that seamlessly incorporated itself into the space we had to work with and the lines of the home overall. ONE concept to perfectly nail it for 2 picky professional designers that had no real idea how to explain what they wanted. Folks this is what you want from a designer. Listen to what you want, listen to what you’re saying (even though you don’t really know what you’re saying), take the space and overall needs into account, and presto perfect concept. We have not retained Chad and his team yet, but we certainly will be. I don’t tackle projects like this without getting a few prices/options...but on this one I will. I have that kind of faith in Chad and Team Legacy to execute with the same attention to detail he showed up front, and THAT is the kind of people I want working on my forever home. See ya next year Chad Chris Leach
When you are looking for an honorable honest reliable company there’s no need to looks any farther. Joann Havens
In a society where it’s hard to find a company of integrity and honor, there is Legacy Pool!! Just give them a call to see for yourself. Top Notch all the way!! Natasha Parry
“I had a pool designed by Chad with Legacy pools and he did an amazing job. It’s everything we wanted and expected. He has top notch customer service and did everything in his power to make our experience great. I recommend him to everyone I know, you won’t be disappointed!” Allie & Chaise Goff
“Keith is awesome, he designed an awesome pool for me, can't wait for the work to start and see the outcome of my beautiful oasis!!!” Pam Diaz
Can't get any more amazing than this company right here!!! Sarah Elizabeth Tetlow Britner
Working with Chad was very easy. He was very responsive and knowledgeable and when he didn’t know something he didn’t make any empty promises. He found out the correct answer and responded promptly. It was a pleasant experience! Jimmy Woodard
You just can’t get better than this company! Love Them! Shannon Marie Holland-Fischer
Phenomenal Company! Their values and culture shine through on each of their projects. A high quality pool and a positive experience - you can’t ask for more! Kristen Bear
Integrity. How many pool companies have it? Legacy Pools has it in spades. So very glad we've chosen Legacy Pools!!Christine Sansone

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