No. We will provide a computer-generated pool plan designed by one of our landscape architects free of charge. This comprehensive proposal will outline how we propose to build your pool and will provide detailed pricing.
The cost of a pool is determined by a number of factors. Inground concrete pools will cost more than fiberglass, vinyl and above ground ones. We build in-ground concrete pools because these have proven to be more durable and allow for a variety of designs and features. The size of the pool, the amount of perimeter decking, slope of your lot (which can require more excavation and foundation support), type of materials and finishes all contribute to the final price. The only responsible way to get a firm estimate is to have us come out and measure your lot and meet with you to assess the type of pool you are wanting. To schedule a no-obligation design consultation, click here.
There are many factors that go into the time it takes to build a pool, such as the pool’s size and shape, the jobsite’s slope and accessibility to the jobsite as well as overall complexity of the project. Typically, it will take eight-to-twelve weeks to build your pool.
Yes. Pools are typically financed through a long-term mortgage similar to a home mortgage. Financial lenders often look favorably upon swimming pool financing because a pool will add value to your home. For more information, click here.
We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards (a 3% service fee does apply) as well as several financing options.
Yes. We have a customer care specialist who will make sure that all of the necessary paperwork gets taken care of. If a permit is required, Legacy Pools will do all of the work necessary to obtain the permit and cover any associated costs.
Building your new pool or spa during the construction of your new home has many substantial benefits. The most important is cost savings. By adding your pool to your homes first mortgage, you will lower it’s financing costs. In addition, you will also avoid the rare inconveniences that can be associated with the construction of a custom built pool. If you’re not yet living there full time, the normal construction traffic will be less noticeable and will seamlessly become part of your new home construction as a whole. As a final point, you will be better able to incorporate the pool design and any other backyard amenities with your home design. One of our design consultants will be able to work with your home builder to ensure that your backyard oasis blends in harmoniously with your new dream home.
Yes. Each job will have a full-time construction superintendent to oversee every aspect of the construction process. Every customer will have an opportunity to meet with their superintendent before the construction of their pool starts.
Legacy Pools wants our customers’ swimming pools to look pristine year-around. In order to keep our customers (and their pools) happy, we are thrilled to offer complete weekly pool maintenance in Brevard County through the following services:
  • Vacuum or brush pool
  • Skim surface of pool
  • Clean skimmer baskets
  • Clean main filter
  • Clean pump basket
  • Backwash (at least once per month, or as needed)
  • Test chemicals
  • Add proper amount of chemicals

We are able to clean any in-ground, concrete (gunite) pool. Please call us or submit a request here if you are interested in having a professional pool cleaner help you with maintaining your swimming pool.