At Legacy Pools our culture can be seen in everything we do.

From the people we hire, to the pools we build, to how we serve our clients, our culture is evident.  Our vision statement is given to all employees and we work together to embrace the code that makes up the foundation of this company.



At Legacy Pools we are a culture of:

It’s important to us that our staff and clients are always treated with the utmost respect. Through our words and actions, we are always honoring to others.

Our word is important to us. We say what we mean, and we always aim to under promise and over deliver.

Legacy Pools is always looking for fresh and innovative ways to do things with excellence. Our goal is to provide top notch customer service and fine craftsmanship for every single client. We understand that paying attention to detail makes all difference and we give extra attention to those details.


We believe our clients always deserve our attention. We not only seek to be attentive to their needs, but we are always looking for ways we can improve how we’re currently doing business. Legacy Pools deeply cares about both its employees and its clients. We focus a lot of energy on workplace safety and health.

At Legacy Pools we want to impact our community and our world through local and global humanitarian efforts. We give back 5% of all profits to our local community.