At Legacy Pools we take a different approach to pool construction. We believe the pool building process can be fun and enjoyable for the whole family and we’ve worked hard to ensure that it will be. We understand that the decision to purchase a pool is one of the most important buying decisions you’ll ever make. You’re creating a beautiful space in your backyard for entertaining, relaxation and great exercise!
We know choosing the right company is essential pride ourselves in open communication starting with our customer portal we’ve named I.M.P.A.C.T. In this portal our clients can view every detail of their project in real time and communicate with everyone working on their project with the click of a button.
We are also very open and honest about our building process and the 29 main steps it takes to build a Legacy Pool. This document is kept under lock and key and only given to our current clients. However, we’ve taken it out of the vault and you can get your own copy HERE.

Here are a few questions you should ask before choosing a pool builder:

1. Who will oversee the construction process?
2. How many “quality checks” will there be throughout the construction process?
3. What standards will the pool be build to?
4. Are you licensed and insured?