Pool Designs for Every Backyard

Pool Designs for Every Backyard

Tired of searching for the perfect pool design? Look no further because we’re here to tell you that there’s a pool design for every space.  

Free Form Pools

The most popular types of pool designs are called free form pools. A free form pool is defined as an irregular style or shape pool, with curves or flowing lines. These types of pools are popular because of the custom design you can create, and the available water features you can add. Whether your backyard is large or small, we’ll find a pool design to fit your space.


Smaller Backyards

If your backyard is on the smaller scale, no need to worry. Even the smallest backyards have an opportunity to create something great, it’ll just take some creativity to get there. The best thing to do when you have smaller backyard is to take some time to understand what specific features are important to you. If you’re trying to fit a waterfall feature on top of a lap pool design, you might run into some issues. You’ll have to choose a couple of specific features you want your pool to have, and compromise on the test. Smaller backyards can create something beautiful that perfectly fits in your backyard.


Larger Backyards

The advantage to having a large backyard is the features and designs that you’ll have the option to choose from. This part of the pool process is the most exciting part! You’ll be able to dream and envision what you want your outdoor space to look like. Before your pool is built, you’ll want to sit down and decide, “What is the purpose of our pool?”. Are you looking for a space to entertain or a place to relax with your family? Once you land on an answer, you’ll have an easier time deciding on color and feature selections. There are so many possibilities out there for your dream pool, the more specific your purpose is, the more specific you can serve that purpose. Whatever your purpose may be, there will be a different features and designs that will help you accomplish the goal of your swimming pool.  


Edged Pool Designs

Whether you’re looking for a lap pool or a rectangular pool with edges, then these pool designs are perfect for you! Having edges in your pool creates a modern to more contemporary themed design. If you have a large backyard or you’re working with a lot of land, these designs are awesome for you to browse! These pool types make it easy to entertain guests and have the whole family over for pool parties. They can also lean more in a “resort” themed direction if that is within your design vision.



Free-Flowing Pool Designs

These types of pool designs are the most popular because of their curved edges and free flowing theme. Water features like waterfalls, spas, bubblers, and fan jets are easy to install in these pools and they look incredible together. The curves edges of a free-flowing pool allow you to be creative with the layout and design of your pool, especially if your backyard backs up to a river or lake.




Looking for more pool inspiration? Click the links below to discover the pool design you’re looking for.


Still conflicted about what pool design is right for your family? Don’t dream alone! Let Legacy listen to your vision and help create something beautiful for you and your family. Click here for a free design consultation from one of our designers.


Happy designing! 😊

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