The Perfect Pool Inspiration

The Perfect Pool Inspiration

We all know we’re guilty of scrolling for hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect home décor…no shame!  We’ve complied the best places to go to make your home look Pinterest perfect ?


Get Creative

Creating the perfect backyard oasis can be difficult, especially when there always seems to be so many different styles out there. The key to looking for great pieces for your backyard is to keep it simple.

First, you’ll need to decide what you “need” in your backyard. I say “need” because we all know what we “want”. ?  What are your must haves? What type of furniture are you looking for? Are you looking for more seating or room for entertaining? Start with your main features and work from there. Once you have a foundation of what you want your area to look like, your home will come together before you know it.



TIP: Peep that table/storage bin on the left, looking for furniture and features that have multiple purposes is like hitting the décor jackpot!


Affordable Home Décor

Once you’ve decided what time of style you’re looking for, you can start to hunt for the right price! A lot of patio and backyard furniture can be expensive if you don’t look in the right places. One of the best tricks is to download a coupon app like Honey, that helps find coupons on your favorite brands. Just download Honey to any desktop and it will automatically run coupons before you check out. BOOM! Instantly saving you money.


Backyard Inspiration

We do know where you can find all your backyard inspo in one place! Visit our Backyard Inspo board on Pinterest to keep up with the best backyard and pool inspiration you’d ever need to look for.


Inspo Inspo Inspo

We want to know what inspires you! Is it Pinterest? Your friend’s backyard?

Comment below where you go for you backyard inspiration!