Pool Landscaping Tips and Tricks

Pool Landscaping Tips and Tricks

Adding Beauty to your Backyard


Having a backyard space that is functional and beautiful is a dream for all of us. Not only does a great pool provide joy and entertainment, it also adds value to your home and your family. Whether you’re looking for a couple new ideas to add to your backyard or starting from scratch, you’re in the right place!



No matter what your backyard looks like, adding color is a great way to open your outdoor space. You can add some color by selecting a variety of different plants like flowers, bushes, shrubs, or trees. By intentionally selecting the type of plants you want, you have complete control over what your eyes naturally gravitate to. Color can help hide and enhance features of your backyard so be sure to research what type of flowers have the best life span in your area.



If you’re looking to make your backyard look a little bigger, adding different heights of plants and trees will help with that! Look for spots in your backyard that are bare or don’t create an “openness”. Adding dimension can be easy if you already know what features you want to accentuate in your backyard. So try to identify those features before you start planting.

Click here if you’re struggling with some inspiration!


Attract Wildlife

One aspect of your backyard that most people don’t think about is what kind of animals are attracted to your outside space. In Florida we all know we have many little creatures that like to hang out near the house so research the types of animals you are attracting with your plants.

A great trick is to invest in a bird bath or flowers that specific butterflies or hummingbirds are attracted to. By being intentional with your plant purchases, you’ll be able to have much more to look at than your pool and some trees. Also we all know how much the little ones love seeing a bunny or turtle in the yard!


Florida Tip: If you have a body of water near by your house, you may want to triple check if there are any gators hanging out near by.


We know that all backyards and landscapes are different, that’s why we included some of our favorite resources to help get your backyard looking like an oasis in no time!


Landscaping Resources


What are your best landscaping tips and tricks!? Comment below and let us know!

Happy swimming!

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