How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

If you’ve ever lived in Florida, then you know hurricanes are a normal occurrence for any Florida resident. If you have a pool being built in your backyard then it’s best to be prepared in case any damage is done to your property.


Lower Pool Water

If you have water in your pool, remember to lower it to about 6 inches just prior to the storm to allow for extra rain to fill it. It’s important to remove any loose items from your pool and backyard such as tables, chairs, or pool toys. This also includes removing any objects that are in your pool and refraining from placing things like furniture inside your pool. Doing so may result in a void in your warranty finish and damage to your property.


Turn Off Power

If you lose power in your home, you must turn off the breakers to all your pool equipment. This eliminates any possible power surges once the power is returned.


Keep It Clean

Your pool builder should contact you and give you notice to what their specific plans for hurricane preparation. Their preparation should include cleaning your project of any left-over material, so it does not cause a threat to your home. If you are having a screen enclosure built, taking the doors off to allow wind to move through is a great idea! Although you’ll never need to cut or slice your screen panels. Always check with your pool builder before starting your pool preparation.


Post Hurricane

The post hurricane phase can be the most difficult because of the aftermath you’re forced to confront. Dealing with debris clean up and other property damages can be challenging depending on the size of the storm or hurricane. Remember the top priority other than keeping your property safe, be sure to have a safety plan for your family. Click here to view a packing list for hurricane preparations.


Stay safe and comment below to let us know your best storm and hurricane advice!