Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Ultimate Pool Time!

Spring is here and summer is coming! That means it’s almost ULTIMATE pool time. Your friends and family are probably already asking, “When’s the pool party?”. We know you’re already thinking about how to prepare for the non-stop season of summer so we want to help!



Cleaning your pool and the space around it is one of your first steps in gearing up for the summer! We’ve listed some easy steps to make sure your pool is clear and a beautiful blue for all to see.

  • Add water to your pool if needed
  • Turn your equipment on and test it to make sure everything is operating correctly
  • Test your pools chemistry
  • Brush and vaccum your pool
  • Be sure to service your pool regularly


Outdoor Space

The space around your pool is just as important as cleaning your pool! You might already have some plants or statues that help add to the look of your space but it never hurts to change things up a bit!

Here are some great ideas to help your outdoor space look great for summer!

Plants and flowers that are drought-tolerant are great for Florida landscape! Blanket flowers, firebush, beautyberry, buttonwood, and saw palmetto are all great for the heat we get in the summer season!

When you look around your pool, you want to be proud of how it looks! Making sure you have enough storage and seating is so important but don’t forget about the rest of your space! We’ve listed some great ideas to make your backyard the oasis you’ve always wanted!


Dress up your pool

Adding things to your pool area doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as easy as buying some bird feeders or built in coolers that can make your space look inviting and enjoyable. Below are some ideas to help dress up the area around your pool!

  • Hammocks
  • An outdoor rug
  • Sail shade to drape over your patio
  • String lights to help frame your space
  • Fire-pit or fire bowl


Easy Upkeep tips

  • Check the levels of your pool regularly or hire a pool service to help you
  • Use an automated pool cleaner to help keep your pool clean throughout the week
  • Check your equipment or any fountains you may have frequently

The great news is that Florida is best state to own a pool in because there’s great weather year-round! Although it can also come as a cost to keep your pool clean all year long if you don’t schedule regular cleaning and maintenance.We hope this was helpful to your pool preparations! Comment and let us know how you best prepare for busy pool seasons! Happy swimming!




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