A Guide to Solar Pool Covers

A Guide to Solar Pool Covers

Why and When to Use a Solar Cover on your Swimming Pool


Do I really need a pool cover for my pool!? Are pool covers expensive? How do they work??

If you’ve ever had any of these questions, then you’re in the right place! We’ll be covering (ha ha get it?) everything you need to know about solar covers and how they can positively affect your pool’s health. Solar covers are used in your swimming pool to retain heat and conserve your pool water. Most solar covers have bubbles on them to help absorb the sun’s heat and send it back into the water. There are many other types of pool covers including thermal covers and automated covers but solar covers are the most common if you’ve living in Florida (you know, cause its summer year-round here). If you own a swimming pool then you’ll want to consider investing in a solar cover.

Benefits of using a solar cover for your pool

  • Reduces evaporation and low water levels
  • Helps the swimming pool retain overall heat
  • Maintains chemicals required for water chemistry
  • No professional installation required
  • Cover blends in with pool water
  • Cost efficient
  • Lightweight and easy to use


Best Practices for Florida Solar Covers

Solar cover, sounds pretty easy right? Mostly! We’ve included some best practices for our Florida solar cover users!

  • Be sure to spread your cover out, bubble-side down
  • It’s okay to trim your solar cover to best fit your pool shape
  • Leave a flap 2-3 inches long so you can tuck it under your skimmer’s edge, this allows you to push debris into the skimmer before removing the cover
  • It’s okay to keep your pump running while your solar cover is in your pool.
  • Don’t leave your cover out on your lawn/grass, this Florida heat will burn up your grass
  • Fold or roll your cover to store it when you aren’t using your pool


You can use solar covers year-round to help conserve the water in your swimming pool and help the overall health of your pool! We’ve included some resources to help you find the best solar cover for your pool.

What is your first impression when you hear solar cover? What pool covers have you tried out? Comment below to let us know and happy swimming!



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