Getting Back to a New Normal

A New Normal

    During this season we have had to adjust our lives tremendously. We are now finally starting to see things settle. And yes with COVID-19 somewhat leveling out, that means businesses will start to open back up. As a society we have to learn how to get back to normal. But after such a dramatic and intense few months during our global pandemic, how do we get back ton normal? In short, we don’t. We now need to get use to the “New Normal” this is something we can all do collectively to stay safe and positive in this season.

    Mostly everyone has come out of this pandemic with a different perspective on their life. Whether that is we’ve realized we hate being trapped at home, or even that we have too much junk in our houses to go through even with working from home for over a month. I believe everyone will come back to work, school, church, etc. with a different outlook than they had previously. We realize how valuable these little things in life we take for granted are. Obviously not everyone will fully commit to a change going forward, but it would be a healthy and inspiring path if they would.

    Finding a New Normal consists on many aspects. Obviously we still have to remain clean and cautious until COVID-19 is completely finished, or there is a verified vaccine. This still could be awhile do the road, so we have to be responsible with our hygiene and our social distancing. An important thing to key on is respected others. We all want to get out to the beach, a restaurant, a small vaca, etc. But as were shifting back to our daily routine we must be cautious to continue to practice social distancing as well as treating all the workers who are back at work with the upmost respect. Anyone working during this time of opening back up is going to be somewhat over worked or stress. There is no need to get upset or be negative about any situation. Stay positive and keep a grateful and happy heart! Other than day-to-day operations, I believe this pandemic has put things in perspective for our government and society as a whole. We now realize we need to be taking care of ourself and make our own resources. This is going to be huge for our Economy. As we move forward as a state, country, world, we must work together to rebuild and work toward our New Normal.

Here are some safety tips for remaining safe during COVID-19