Prepping Your Pool and Spa for the Holidays

Prepping Your Pool and Spa for the Holidays

We all know the Holidays are approaching much faster than we think! Ditch the stress and plan now so you can truly enjoy this time of year.

Dye Your Pool Color

A fun idea to make your swimming pool more “festive” is to dye your pool a fun color for Christmas! Be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing to double check it won’t hurt your pool’s chemical balance or stain your tile/interior finish. The one we’ve linked in this article is completely safe for your swimming pool and spa. There’s also SpaBomb Aromatherapy available for a night of relaxation (ya know after the holidays are over ?)!

Create a Scent Experience

There’s nothing worse than having your pool smell funky when your guests arrive for the holidays. By adding some candles by your pool or purchasing a pool refresh fragrance, your pool can be smelling great!

Prepping Before Leaving

If you’re not having guests over and planning to leave for the Holidays, don’t forget about your swimming pool! If you take care of your pool yourself, make a check list of everything you need to check before you leave. Adding water, balancing your chemical levels, and brushing your tile are all great things to check off before you leave. If you have Legacy Service or another company take care of your swimming pool, be sure to tell them when you’ll be out of town so you can keep up with your swimming pool through maintenance reports while you’re gone!

Provide Comfort and Warmth

Depending where you live, you might want to think about checking your fire features and investing in some blankets and pillows. The best thing about living in Florida is being able to enjoy your swimming pool and backyard area, even in the colder months. If you have a heater in your swimming pool, remember to turn it on hours before your guests arrive! It’ll be ready to go for them when they arrive.

Light the Way

Most swimming pools have LED lights that change colors in your swimming pool so if you don’t want to dye your pool a different color then remember to turn those on!

Keep it Fun

Depending on your Holiday traditions, remember to keep it fun! By playing ‘elf on the shelf’ or hiding a present around the house, you can make your holiday’s stay fresh and memorable.


What are you most excited about for the Holidays?? Comment below and let us know.