What Determines the Price of a Pool?

What Determines the Price of a Pool?

Looking at the price of a new swimming pool can be intimidating.

Many different factors are considered when you are building a brand-new pool. There’s no need to stress though, we’ve taken the initiative to list some of the main factors that play a key role in the cost of your dream pool!

Shape and Size

The size and shape of your swimming pool have a direct impact on the price of your project. There are numerous types of custom designs you can create for your swimming pool. Whether you are looking for a rectangular design or one that has curved edges, each type will have a cost difference. Obviously if your pool is on the larger side with a lot of edges and features, the price of your project will increase. This factor also depends on the size and layout of your backyard.


Ground Conditions

The elevation and ground of your backyard are also taken into consideration when designing your pool. Trees, plants, fences, and the basic condition of your ground are all factors for the digging phase of your project. Every project and backyard are different, that’s why you’ll want a free quote to have someone come look at your backyard. When your designer sees your property, they should be able to guide you through the best options for your future pool. You may also find some water in the ground while they start digging, don’t be surprised as this is common in areas like Florida.



Building a swimming pool is an investment. Therefore, you should plan to pay for the maintenance of your pool after it is completed. Factors like cleaning systems, monthly water bills, weekly maintenance, or skimmers can easily add up so be sure to budget correctly. If you plan to service your pool on your own, be sure to take a Pool School class before to gain all the information needed to upkeep your pool.

Pool Features

Before the building process of your project begins, you’ll have the option to choose what type of finishes and features that you want for your dream pool. Types of features can include bubblers, waterfalls, fan jets, or any type of “enhancement” that you want to add to your swimming pool. These features need to be decided before the pool building process begins to ensure the lay out of your pool is safe and functional.


You’ll also have the opportunity to make decisions on aspects like interior finish, tile, and screens. Interior finish is what the bottom of your pool will look like; there are many options when choosing your interior finish. You can also choose to upgrade your tile to glass tile which is a better type of quality and look. If you choose to have a screen, there are options like standard frames or window frames that you can choose from as well. As you can see there are many options when designing your dream pool! These all influence the cost of your pool and what type of design and functionality you are looking for.

If you are wanting to upgrade to a high quality interior finish or glass tile, be sure to talk about those options with your designer prior to the building process.


Materials & Equipment

Building a pool means you are choosing to pay your contractor for the material and labor used on your project. Some pool projects can be as low as $25,000 and as high as $100,000+. It all depends on how you plan to use your pool. Whether you’re looking to entertain for a big family or relax with your significant other, it all makes a difference on how your dream pool will be built.


The next best step is to contact a swimming pool contractor today! At Legacy Pools, we install in-ground pools with the best materials and options out there. Never hesitate to give us a call for a free quote and we’ll come visit your property to give you a full consultation about what’s best for your backyard.


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