The Best Way To Spend Your Thanksgiving

The Best Way to Spend Your Thanksgiving

It’s almost time for turkey day! Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with your family or friends, there’s cooking and planning that always needs to be done! Check out these quick tips to making your 2019 Thanksgiving memorable ?


Thanksgiving Poolside

If you’re a pool owner, there’s no better way to spend Thanksgiving than right by your pool. Pull up some chairs, bring out the fall décor, and you have yourself the best (and easiest ?) Thanksgiving there ever was! Dressing up your backyard for Thanksgiving can provide a whole new Thanksgiving tradition for your family.

Fire Elements

If you have a fireplace or fire element in your backyard, don’t forget to turn it on and make it the focus of your Thanksgiving feast! Fire features create a cozy environment that will help your guests feel right at home. You can also buy lanterns or candles to light by your swimming pool.

Inflatable Turkey

If you’re looking for something unique to add to your pool, try an inflatable turkey! Your family will get a kick out of the festive fun. Speaking of turkey’s, try grilling your turkey by the pool for a new flavor for your family.

Try Some New Recipes

Have you ever made a sweet potato casserole!? Well now is your chance to shake it up this Thanksgiving! By adding a new dish or eating by the pool, your holiday can be more meaningful.

Keep the Kids Busy

Worried about the kid’s attention spans? Try having a fun Thanksgiving themed craft on hand to keep the kids busy. If you have the advantage of living in Florida, it might still be hot enough to have them go for a swim as well!