The First Swimming Pool

The First Swimming Pool

Ever wonder why we have swimming pools and where they actually came from?


You can imagine people weren’t relaxing in swimming pools over 5000 years ago. Most “great baths” were used for religious ceremonies and for just plain bathing. As times changed, pools became competitive starting with Britain in the 1800’s as competitive swimming was first introduced.  The first documented swimming pool was a public pool along the Colorado River called Deep Eddy/Bathing Beach. It began as just a swimming hole In the Colorado River where cold springs bubbled out of the riverbanks. People swam in the river where a large boulder formed an eddy, becoming Deep Eddy. Today you can still visit Deep Eddy in Austin, Texas where people still enjoy swimming and camping. After World War II, swimming pools became a symbol of status and wealth. Now, there are swimming pools located in almost every state with more people owning pools compared to those who don’t.


Check out these fun facts about the swimming pool!

  • The National Swimming Pool Foundation estimates there are more than 10 million swimming pools across the USA, including more than 360,000 public pools that are open year-round.
  • New Zealand has around 200,000 total swimming pools for its 4 million people, making it the leader in pools per capita
  • The Romans introduced swimming as a social event to Britain
  • The first documented indoor swimming pool was built in England
  • Acrobatic diving was developed in Germany and Sweden
  • In the 1950’s, hotels started installing swimming pools in their resorts.