The Legacy Difference

Florida and swimming pools go hand in hand. Everything about backyard pool ownership makes sense. You’re building a space that you’ll have for a lifetime for you and generations to come! We may be new to Brevard County but our roots in the construction industry run deep. Our owner, Chad, was born and raised in the concrete construction industry and started his first landscaping company when he was in high school. Chad, who is an award-winning pool designer, has been in the pool industry since 2006 but was always working for someone else until he felt called to step out on his own and use his lifetime of experience to launch Legacy Pools.
This company was built on referrals. We believe in taking good care of our customers and we’ll do that for as long as they own the pool. We absolutely will NOT use an inferior product in a Legacy Pool. When your project is done you’re going to be happy that you got a Legacy Pool and we’re going to stand behind it!

What makes Legacy Pools different?


Our customer service.

We understand that without our clients we wouldn’t have a business and we make sure that every client is treated with care and respect. We go out of our way to provide constant communication and quality customer service which result in a smoother building experience and an overall happier client.

Our commitment to excellence.

We want you to walk outside and feel as though you’ve stepped into your own personal resort. Our pool professionals are dedicated to following the highest industry standards, providing clients with innovative design, professional attention, quality construction and so much more.

Our use of technology.

If you want your pool to run with maximum efficiency you’re going to need state-of-the-art and technologically advanced automated equipment. At Legacy, we only put our name behind pool finishes and equipment that are reputable and proven by industry experts. We also offer all our clients their own customer portal so that you can log in and know every detail of your project at any moment.

Our eagerness to embrace change.

Technology is always advancing, and we commit to growing with the industry as it changes. We look forward to bringing new finishes and new technology to Brevard County that has never been seen before. We commit ourselves to education and always strive to find the next best thing to give our clients the backyard oasis they’ve been dreaming of!