Top Pool Tips for Dogs

Top Pool Tips for Dogs

A Man’s Best Friend Needs A Backyard Oasis Too!

Does your furry friend LOVE to enjoy the pool on hot summer days just like you? Swimming pools can benefit your dog by keeping them healthy and happy! We’ve included the best tips and tricks to help your dog enjoy and stay safe during these hot summer seasons.


One of the best ways to help your dog get some healthy exercise is to let them take a swim! Swimming not only is a great way to keep your dog in healthy shape but it’s also a great way to burn some puppy energy when it’s too hot for a walk!

The Best Dog Floaties

If you’re worried about your dog jumping in your pool, then investing in some dog proof floaties is a great idea! Life vests are great for small to medium size dogs. Usually, they all come with a handle that’s easy to pick up quickly and in case they fall in, you don’t have to worry!

There’s also pool floaties specifically made for dogs. They’re easy for dogs to get on and won’t pop as easily as others would!

Dog Care

The most important tip when thinking about your pup during the summer is making sure they’re healthy! These summer days in Florida can be brutal, so making sure your dog always has access to water will help them stay hydrated. Shade is another component to helping your dog stay healthy! Keeping your dog’s paws cool is a must during the summer time when any type of pavement is extremely hot. There paws can burn, and it can easily lead to your dog becoming overheated.

We hope we’ve given you some ways to keep your pup healthy and hydrated during the hot summer months! Have some fun pictures of your dogs poolside? Share them below and let us know how you keep your pups cool!

Happy swimming!

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