Water Safety for Kids

Water Safety for Kids

No matter how old your children are, water safety is important for every age. As a parent, it’s so vital to know how to avoid risks in the pool and respond in case of an emergency. We’ve done the dirty work for you and listed the best practices for your kids when they’re playing in the pool.



Although this might sound like an easy step, it is the one rule parents seem to forget. When your kids are playing in the water, it is important that you give them your undivided attention. The leading preventable injury for children 1 – 4 years old is drowning, so be sure to supervise your kids, especially if they’ve just learned how to swim. Remember there is no substitute for active supervision.

Another great practice for parent supervision is the Water Watcher Card. This practice is used when there are several adults present, but the confusion remains with who exactly is supervising the kids while swimming. With this card, it’s easy to identify the adult in charge!



Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are another great way to avoid risks in the pool! It’s never too soon to start having your children learn the basic behavior approaches to swimming. The earliest you can start introducing your baby to water is when they are 6 months old. The YMCA has great programs for all ages. Check out your local YMCA for more information.



Pool Rules

If your kids are older, then having basic pool rules is the best way to take some safety measures. Remember to teach them not to run, push, or play around the edges of your pool. This can be an easy way for head injuries to occur. The earlier you start educating your children about safe swimming, the more confident you’ll feel in their ability to avoid risks and emergencies.

Learning CPR

If you know how to perform CPR, then you know how helpful it can be when someone needs it. Learning CPR can also be something for your whole family! Make it a family activity and get CPR certified so you’re prepared for any type of emergency that goes on in your pool. All you must do is take the course online and attend a class! Click here to find a CPR course and class near you.


We hope that these practices for water safety are helpful in your swimming journey! Do you have any great tips or advice for raising children around a pool? If so, comment below! We would love to hear them and continue to help our community stay safe. Happy swimming!


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