Benefits of The Ultra Clear Cleaning System

The game has changed for swimming pool cleaning systems. There has never been a more efficient cleaning system than The UltraClear cleaning system. The UltraClear is a powerful combination of ozone and UV light. It gives you the clearest and healthiest pool water attainable, and it reduces chemical usage by up to 80%. Paramount’s Ultra UV and ClearO3 units work individually and built specifically to perform at the highest efficiency and effectiveness compared to the competitors’ combo single units that combine both ozone and UV sanitization process utilizing a single lamp. 

Other benefits to using the UltraClear system also include simple and easy maintenance, more use out of our chlorine, more powerful hydroxyl radicals, and it is very versatile to configure to fit your needs. The ClearO3 injects ozone before the pump for better mixing of ozone and water to breakdown oils and ammonias. This allows for the chlorine to be more effective so you use less. It also extends the life of the pool filter. Lastly, another benefit of installing the Ultra UV “downstream” from the ClearO3 increases the formation of Hydroxyl Radicals, powerful oxidizers to keep your pool clean, clear and healthy. 

You haven’t experienced a clean pool until you have experienced the powerful combination of ozone and UV water treatment. All Paramount products are made in America and designed to make your pool experience the most carefree and enjoyable experience possible. Their cleaning and circulation systems will deliver superior results, while paying for themselves over the lifetime of the pool.